Azerbaijan is a country of ancient history and culture. There are more than 6000 historical and architectural monuments. Many centuries ago present region served as a crossroad of trade routes from Asia to Europe, was a key part of caravan routes. Already then numerous merchants, travelers, ambassadors, historians, ethnographers marked interesting historical-architectural monuments. Any corner of Azerbaijan with the architectural and historical point of view can interest tourists. Among the masterpieces of ingenious architects there is a unique the Palace of Sheki  Khans (XVIII), covered with multicolored frescoes and paintings; tower mausoleum Momina Khatun in Nakhchivan; the mysterious temple of Diri Baba, carved into the rocks of wild gorge; Juma mosque minarets in different cities of the country; mighty bridges that survived the era; bastions of powerful fortresses on the tops of mountains - witnesses of history of defense of northern borders of the country.

With the assistance of the Azerbaijani leadership development of archeology and scale archaeological excavations in the country there given special attention. The country carried out a set of measures for the protection, preservation and reconstruction of monuments and historic sites.

Archaeologists from Japan, Germany, France, Turkey, the United States and other countries, along with Azerbaijani experts carried out excavations and analyze the results. The country is covered by the protection of monuments, restoration and reconstruction of the architectural and archaeological complexes.

Photo: Photo: mysterious temple of Diri Baba