Colorful Azerbaijani national culture, rooted in the depths of centuries, absorbed the best traditions of the East and the West. There are many different sources telling of the ancient period of Azerbaijan culture, about the early samples of oral poetic art. The most valuable records of collectors of folklore, ethnographic materials, illustrations by contemporary artists take us into the fascinating world of ancient cults - poetic spell, theatrical games, colorful ritual dances, wise and naive tales, absorbed totemic and historical and mythological motifs. Attract fragments of rock carvings of Gobustan (near Baku, 7000 - 2000 BC), the samples Pahlavi, Albanian, Arabic inscriptions preserved on the surviving parts of the architectural structures of written sources and exhibits relating to the Caucasian Albania, this ancient developed state in the northern part of Azerbaijana

Photo: Fragments of rock carvings in Gobustan

Found during excavations on the territory of Azerbaijan material and cultural values ​​show that even in the II millennium BC, the ancestors of Azerbaijanis used in daily life made of bronze ware samples, daggers, axes, belts, gold ornaments, etc.

Over time, the metal craft in Azerbaijan perfected. And in the Middle Ages, it reached its highest level. During this period craftsmen forged from metal various types of weapons, household goods: utensils, chests, utensils (Azeris have long been prepared in a copper pot), amazing jewelry, and other samples of skilled craftsmanship, many of which have come down to our days

Photo: Bronze and copper utensils of the craftsmen

 Land of Fire, which is the homeland of the Azerbaijani people, having a rich cultural heritage is famous also as Land of enchanting music. Azerbaijan music, enriched the  world musical culture by  its rare pearls, has a centuries-old tradition.

 Creators of folk music, created a huge and rich heritage by continuing these traditions from generation to generation, made a huge contribution to the development of Azerbaijani music. The Azerbaijan national music have specific place such genres as folk songs, dances and ashug creativity. Mughams are the cornerstone and the foundation of Azerbaijan national music. It is no coincidence that in 2003 by the decision of the UNESCO - United Nations specialized agencies, the Azerbaijani mughams were  included in the list of the cultural heritage of all mankind.

Photo: People's Artist Alim Gasimov performs Mugham on first European Games 2015 in Azerbaijan